Stop the Static in your Home

Weather can be an odd thing as we enter each season in Memphis. Sure, it can be erratic, which can make it difficult to plan for each day, but there are a few things we know we can count on when cooler temps arrive: such as dry air. The absence of humidity in the air, especially during the cold season, could cause a array of issues inside your home, including static electricity. That’s why it’s so vital to have a whole-home humidifier for your Memphis home.

A few of the most common uses of using a whole-home humidifier include:

  • Health: humidity helps lower your possibility of getting infections and makes it painless to keep your skin healthy too. It also decreases the chance that you’ll get shocked through static when you walk around your home.
  • Money: humid air tends to make you feel toasty at a lower temperature, which means you may be able to keep your thermostat down a few degrees, lowering your bills each month.
  • Home décor: dry air can do a great deal of damage to the wood, wallpaper, and flooring inside your home, presenting cracking, splitting, and peeling problems due to the lack of humidity.

The best part about all of this is that you don’t have to live with dry air! Currently, you can save $50 when you buy a whole-home air humidifier, and get back to comfy living quickly. Our Memphis team at Service Experts is here to guarantee your home is perfectly comfortable in every season. Give us a call at 901-235-1196 today and take advantage of this deal.

How does a humidifier work?
Plainly, humidifiers operate with your heating and cooling system to enhance moisture to your home’s air. Maintaining the humidity in your home between 35-50% is suggested, and can help you keep warm without feeling stale when the air outside is dry. Whole-home humidifiers from Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning are easy to use, and will maintain the humidity levels in your home within 1% of the level you establish.
What if I like dry air?
If you’re a supporter of dry air, there are a few assumptions we feel pretty sure that we can make about you: you delight in being shocked by static, you like having parched and cracked lips, and most of all you don’t like to be comfortable. Sure, you might think that you are fond of dry air, but we know you’ll come around sooner or later. When you do, make sure you give Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning a call at 901-235-1196 or schedule an appointment online so you can benefit from the offer to save $50 when you obtain a whole-home humidifier. We’re sure you won’t be sorry for that decision.